Websites mades
  • Current Project:
  • Virtual datacenter for an ERP/CMS system based on Linux UBUNTU server 10.4, ERP OpenBravo, CMS Alfresco, KVM Kernel Virtual Machine as virtualization enviroment, virtualized machine freepbx (VOIP telephony with Asterisk), freenas (Network Area Storage based on FreeBSD), Smoothwall Express (Linux Based Firewall)
  • Other Projects:
  • Homemade mediacenter based on ubuntu, kaffeine for managing DVB-T and videorecording, VLC for managing video, function to be implemented LTSP and Gaming Console
  • Small office solution, linux server with LTSP, Asterisk pbx, Freenas and sugar crm
  • E-Classroom solution, Edubuntu with LTSP, wikipedia stand alone and docebo e-learning
  • Web Applications
  • INVENTARIO – web application for cataloging and management of hardware goods near Alicos S.p.A., technology ASP + MS SQL
  • STATO CAMPAGNE – web application for reporting of predictive dialer near 4U Servizi S.p.A., technology ASP + MS SQL, enviroment Win32
  • APPUNTAMENTI – web application for the management of personal appointments on outbound projects near 4U Servizi S.p.A., technology ASP + Firebird, enviroment: web win32, database Linux
  • EXTRADB – web application for the management of extradb contracts near 4U Servizi S.p.A., technology PHP + MySql, enviroment linux (ONLY SUPERVISION)
  • WEBANK – web application for the management of the outbound campaigns of the project webank near 4U Servizi S.p.A., technology PHP + MySql, enviroment linux (ONLY SUPERVISION)
  • Other Achievements
  • SCRIPT – automatic batch script to automatic shutdown for the operators seats of all locations of 4U Servizi S.p.A. (Palermo, Belmonte Mezzagno, Porto Empedocle), near 4U Servizi S.p.A., technology DOS batch Script though vpn, enviroment win32
  • EXIT – automatic reportistic procedure for creation of exit file for customer SKY Italia near 4U Servizi S.p.A., technology MS ACCESS – Firebird, enviroment win32/linux

Work Experience

  • Currently Freelance.
    Technical and scientific consulting, energy certification for real estate, photovoltaic systems design, consulting RO, advice and expertise in information technology open source enviroment oriented.
  • 29/07/2005 at 19/12/2009
    IT Support near center 4U Servizi S.p.A. Palermo (PA): Operative and Sistemistic Support, Database Management, Management Remote Locations, Education and training IT Personnel, Predictive Dialer management, Development and management reporting, managing network with Cisco switch.
  • 07/10/2004 – 29/07/2005
    Palermo Civic Hospital Operative and Sistemistic Support for Selfin S.p.A.
  • 01/10/2003 – 06/10/2004
    Selfin S.p.A. Internal support and near customers: Installation Digital Signature Kit near A.P. for the customer In. Te. Sa. Installation software produced by Selfin S.p.A. SSI (Sistema Sanitario Integrato), SCI (Sistema Contabile Integrato), SPI (Sistema Paghe Integrato), RilPres (Rilevamento Presenze) near University of Palermo, Hospital Company S. Antonio Abate di Trapani, Hospital Company Umberto I di Enna Maintenance terminal presence detection TRP50 near A.S.L. 7 Ragusa
  • 02/07/2001 – 30/09/2003
    Alicos S.p.A. IT Help Desk for Selfin S.p.A., Maintenance of datacenter and management of network based on Cajun switchs
  • 06/06/2001 – 02/07/2001
    Selfin S.p.A IT Professional Qualified
  • 03/01/2000 – 06/03/2000
    AMG Azienda Speciale Gas Palermo (PA) Stage Pre – Diploma management of the cabin on first shift of the organization and laying pipelines.
  • 25/8/97 – 12/9/97
    FINCANTIERI, Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A. Palermo (PA) Stage Pre – Diploma
  • Occasionally Freelance advisorin Computer Science

Informatics Skills

  • Operating Systems:
    Win9x (experience 10 years), WinNT Workstation (experience 4 years), WinNT Server(experience 4 years), Win2K Pro (experience 8 years), Win2K Server (experience 8 years), WinXP (experience 8 years), Linux Fedora (experience 4 years), Ubuntu (experience 4 years), AIX (experience 1 years).
  • Programming Languages:
    Perl (experience 1 years), Pascal (experience 1 years), C (experience 2 years), Html (experience 10 years), ASP (experience 8 years), PBASIC (experience 2 years), PHP (experience 3 years).
  • Applicatives:
    Autocad 2000 (experience 8 years), Citrix Metaframe (experience 2 years), Office (experience 8 years), SQL Server (experience 8 years), Center VU Supervisor (experience 2 years), Visio (experience 8 years), MS Project(experience 8 years), MySQL (experience 5 years), Flash MX (experience 8 years), Dreamweaver MX (experience 8 years), Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition Server/Client (experience 1 year), Firebird (experience 4 years), Infomaster Phones (experience 4 years), Asterisk (experience 2 years), VirtualBox (experience 1 year)
  • Certifications:
    ECDL N. IT016057, AIX System Administrator with professional course of Regione Lazio.
  • Courses:
    Certificates of attendance for the following courses on Line Trio Project Funded by regione Toscana :SQL language - base module, AutoCAD - base module, SQL language – advanced module, AutoCAD – intermediate module, The business formula: introduction, The business formula: the market, The business formula: the product, AutoCAD – advanced module, The business formula: the structure, Linux Administrator – Linux Installation, Linux Administrator - Hardware and Architetture 1, Linux Administrator - Disks and filesystem Management 1, E-Learning Course for farmers of Università Politecnica delle Marche
  • Dedicated Devices:
    Definity ( experience 2 years), Nortel Meridian 1 ( experience 1 years), TRP50 ( experience 2 years), Zyxel prestige series 200 and series 600 ( experience 5 years)
  • Technology:
    Wireless ( experience 5 years), Voice Over IP ( experience 4 years), Terminal Services ( experience 4 years)
  • Objectives

    Build something big and long lasting

    Professional Qualifications

    Engineers registered in the Province of Palermo(n°B22)


    • Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering
    • Innovative materials
    • New energy sources and / or alternatives
    • New technologies
    • Computer
    • Robotics
    • Radioastronomy
    • Astronomy
    • Aquaponics
    • Operations Research


    Drive License B, Willingness to travel outside the area of residence or foreign countries


    • Currently registered the final year of Engineering at the University telematics E-CAMPUS
    • University of Palermo
      Graduated in 19/04/2000 with final valutation 53/70, Diploma Thesis Title: “ The shape memory alloy” found near the website to the item new materials.
    • 1988 – 1990 Liceo Scientifico “Don Bosco Villa Ranchibile” Palermo (PA) valutation: 44/60
    • 1986 – 1987 Liceo Scientifico Statale “E. Fermi” Cosenza (CS) Note: Moved to Palermo


    from here you can download the pdf version of this page

    Italian version here

    Personal Data

    • Marital status: Single
    • Nationality: Italian
    • Date of Birth: 22/5/73
    • Birthplace: Bari (BA)
    • City of residence: Palermo (PA)

    Current Position

    Freelance. Technical and scientific consulting, energy certification for real estate, photovoltaic systems design, consulting RO, advice and expertise in information technology open source enviroment oriented.


    • Body Building
    • Model-making
    • Cinema and science fiction Literature
    • Scientific journals and industry
    • Racing

    Servizio militare


    Foreign Languages

    • English written: good, English spoken: sufficient
    • French written: good, French spoken: sufficient
    • Spanish written: sufficient, Spanish spoken: sufficient
    • Portuguese written: sufficient, Portuguese spoken: sufficient
    • German: some knowledge
    • Russian: some knowledge